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Most people believe that rap and hip hop are the same genres, but it really is not, although the melodies are usually a little similar, they differ mainly because rap is based practically on poetry, so it is a much more melodic rhythm, however hip hop is a genre that has more percussion in its rhythms, so the lyrics are usually much more critical than rap.

However hip hop apart from being music made a movement, by the letters that the great majority generate important criticisms as the discrimination of some human beings towards others. Hip hop is considered to comprise the theme of audio plus the combination of dances, while rap is more like just music.
For the purchase hip hop beats (or hip hop beats) or rather called melodies for hip hop music it is very important to be sure that the music is really of this genre and does not belong to rap because of the confusion explained above, of being a more rap theme will be better than buy rap beats online, because it will not be easy to adapt a melody in one genre when it belongs to another.
The websites enabled for the online creation of these melodies are rap or hip hop must know how to differentiate between one and the other so that when selling beats for sale, be aware that if the customer is mistaken or confused with these genres they can realize and inform that the letter that is being made melody tone has a gender error, this way that same website can act as a guarantor so that if the user wants to buy beats online, but you have any error, this website will take you out of doubt completely.
Undoubtedly on the internet, you will always have many options for singers who want to send the tracks for music with all possible professionalism.